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Whether you need help with case planning of a difficult treatment or a chairside set-up with you and your patient, Lantz Dental Prosthetics is here to serve your needs. Our goal is to continue to exceed the expectations of the doctor and their patients with every case we deliver. Here is a brief overview of the different types of services we offer:

  • McCrachen - Krol designed frames - 6mm Upper, 4mm Lower rule, RPI, Etc.
  • Complete case treatment and planning
  • Complete fixed and removable implant design services
  • Titanium laser assembled bar restorations
  • Complete laser weld reconstruction
  • Same day repair and reline service
  • Traditional frames, digital Print-to-Cast and Laser frames
  • Nobilium alloys, all American made.
  • Nobilstar 9% (.010” undercut), Nobilstar Ultra 13% (.020” undercut).
  • Wironium® Cast Partial Frameworks
  • Vitallium Certified Lab
  • Multi-sectional engineered frames - European Style
  • Natural, esthetic set-ups
  • Precision denture processing system
  • Turbyfill Denture Technique Certified Laboratory
  • Beautiful, natural custom base tinting
  • Radiographic stents
  • Precision attachment partials
  • All work guaranteed
  • Surgical Guide printing

On-Site Educational Facility

We have made it our goal to be the leaders at what we do. In order to keep on top of our game - as well as to share our knowledge with you - we have built a state-of-the-art, on-site educational facility in our Maumee, Ohio office. Our facility comes complete with an operatory and is used to provide extensive continuing education programs for up to 40 people.

We believe that passion needs to be shared. That's why we invite you to take advantage of our knowledge and learn with us! For information about our upcoming programs, please call Tamara at 1-800-788-5385.


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